Walk to Bethlehem sign up here.

We are about to embark on a journey, a journey to Bethlehem.
This 6 week walking program (October 4 – November 14) encourages all of us to become more physically active and promote spiritual growth through scripture readings. God wants us to be well and whole. Physical exercise is an important part of our wellness. So is walking in God’s way. We are more prepared for the journey of life as we walk with God. The walk to Bethlehem is not only a great physical activity program but is also a reminder that God is present in every aspect of our lives. It provides an opportunity to flex our spiritual muscles as well as physical ones, which can lead to good health in all areas of our lives.

Here’s how the program works:
Each week, participants will walk with family, friends or alone and log in miles walked. In addition to actual miles walked, you can earn 1 mile credits for 20 minutes of aerobic activity (dancing, basketball, track, exercise class, housecleaning, etc.) In addition, 5 extra miles will be given for families that walk together. This journey to Bethlehem is a collective journey, not an individual journey. We are walking individually, but
all together. It is a virtual journey with faith and movement. If you are unable to physically walk with us, you can spiritually walk with us in prayer. 1 mile credits will be given for 20 minutes of prayer, for those who cannot walk. Anytime you attend church (in person or virtual), you may add 3 miles of credits. In addition, serving in the church or those that need a helping hand will count too.
Each week, participants will log in miles they have walked and we will chart our miles on the map. Our goal is to collectively walk 6017 miles from Berkley to Bethlehem. We will be traveling through parts of the U.S., over the Atlantic Ocean, through different parts of the world which we will explore as we go. We will learn about different cultures as we walk through each country.
Walk to Bethlehem registration will be on-line through the church website at greenfieldchurch.com. Sign up and you will be assigned to a team leader. Your leader will help keep you motivated both physically and spiritually.

A packet of information including a mileage tally sheet, health tips, and scripture devotional readings for each day will be available for you to pick up or it can be emailed out. You will have a chance to read through the entire gospel of Mark in these six weeks.

I hope you choose to join this walk with us and increase your physical and spiritual activity this winter and Lenten season.