The Prayer Shawl will meet for a socially distanced gathering in fellowship hall on Tuesday, October 13 from 1:00 – 2:30 pm.
Please RSVP to Deb Goodcourage as we will have to limit the number that attends.


“I’ve rarely felt so fulfilled working on a mission project as I have every time I sit down and work on my shawls.  There is definitely a lot of love and prayers going into each one.”

In April, 2016, the Greenfield Presbyterian Prayer Shawl Group met for the first time, gathering as a group of men and women who enjoy knitting, crocheting and fellowship, but also finding great fulfillment in spreading the love of God by knitting items of comfort to be given to people in need of solace.

Since its first meeting, the group has partnered with area hospitals, hospices, and shelters to donate over one hundred shawls, scarves, baby blankets, hats, and booties, to people who need some warmth in their lives. Even people from the church have received donations. As one recipient of a prayer shawl explained when she wrapped the shawl around her shoulders, she felt the loving arms of the church and felt God’s comfort. Prayer shawl meetings are filled with laughter and developing a true kinship between the group members. But most of all, they share their desire to help anyone in need. Hugs can make a difference in someone’s life and if we can’t be there to give a hug, the prayer shawl can do the hugging for us.

**These hospitals have a shortage of blankets and are asking for help. We are trying to provide these facilities with blankets that are 40×60 or 30×50 (for wheelchair patients) either knitted, crocheted or fleece blankets.  Even if you do not attend the monthly Prayer Shawl meetings and are able to help us reach out to those in need.**

If you are interested in learning more about the mission, please contact Debbie Goodcourage at 248-288-6714 or deg121254(at)