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BIBLE BLAST Sunday School

Bible Learning Adventure Stations
Ages 3 years through 5th Grade
September through May

The Workshop Rotation at Greenfield Presbyterian Church in a Nutshell:

All children and youth stay in worship for the first part of the liturgy. They are invited to go to Sunday School together after the “Children’s Time,” a conversation with the youngest of our disciples. In our Workshop Rotation Sunday School for children ages 3 years through 5th grade, we teach the same Bible story for one month to all our elementary students. Each week classes rotate into a new and unique workshop: art, games, drama, science, video and cooking.

Why Rotate?

· By slowing down the rate of story change, the Workshop Rotation Model deepens the student’s experience and memory.
· Bible literacy improves when the same story is taught through different workshops over 4 to 5 weeks.
· Each workshop focuses on a different creative learning style or “intelligence,” which broadens memory.
· Volunteers can sign up to help for one month of their choosing, and not need to make a weekly commitment for an entire school year.
· Traditional boring classrooms become transformed into fun, inventive workshops. Students anticipate something new each week.
· Creative workshop environments signal quality to parents, and are attractive to visitors and our kids!
· Flexible scheduling adapts to the on the size and ages of our children, chosen story, creative inspiration, or calendar need.
· Fewer stories means less curriculum costs and we are able to borrow ideas from other churches and creative websites like Pinterest. Funds previously spent on curriculum can be re-directed toward teaching resources.

Faith Conversations for Middle School Youth

Our 6th – 8th graders gather for lively conversations about faith and life lessons during Sunday School nearly every week during the school year. There are occasional Sundays when the youth stay in worship with their families or help out with the younger children. Our Confirmation Class is open to 8th graders.
Middle school youth and friends are invited to our Sunday evening STAGE 1 youth group activities. High school youth and friends participate in STAGE 2 activities.

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