Greetings Greenfielders,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ( I feel like the Apostle Paul writing to one of his churches!) 
We hope this twice-weekly email finds you safe and well. We miss you!
Here are some updates from “the Homeland.” 
  – SOS was challenging to say the least. The group of 20 guests were great and very appreciative. Throughout the week South Oakland Shelter was trying to find a place to move the guests, and decided to move them this morning to their offices in Pontiac. So a hasty crew was thrown together to load mattresses, get laundry and food out, and clean and disinfect the entire church. Thank you for all of the help and prayers! 
  – Sunday morning worship begins this Sunday, 3/22. You can go to our website at greenfieldchurch.com and find the link to the service. We’re calling it “Greenfield in the Diaspora.” (diaspora – the disbursement of people from their homeland)
  – We have opened up a Zoom account for the church, which will allow us to have bible study and meetings online. Study groups and committees will be sending out details of how you can join those meetings online. This will be a little (but not too) challenging for us. 
  – We do plan to hold our Session/Deacon meeting online Tuesday night, and our Wednesday bible studies both in the morning and evening. 
  – The PNC should be able to Zoom on Wednesday night, and Policies and Procedures on Thursday night. 
  – Plans for Holy Week are still on hold. It seems to be unlikely that we will be having a dinner/service on Maundy Thursday. The Cantata will have to wait for another year. However, we will be posting services for each of those days. As my Jewish friends say at the Passover meal, “Next year in Jerusalem!” 
Let’s continue to lift each other up in prayer.

Stay Safe

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Meetings and Ministries

  • Saturday, 3/21   
    • NO                            Presbytery Meeting
  • Sunday, 3/22             LENT 4
    • NO                            PraiseMakers Worship Service
    • NO                            Choir
    • NO                            Traditional Service
    • 12:00 PM                 Maundy Thursday Rehearsal
    • NO                            Tree of Life Yogi
    • 5:15 PM                   Bowling League      
    • NO                            STAGE (grades 6-12) at Cana