Dear Greenfielders,

We hope you are staying healthy and safe. It was so good to see so many of you at last Sunday’s first ever drive-in worship service. Thank you to all who helped to make that possible.
We hope you will join us for Greenfield in the Diaspora on Sunday at 9 am.

Remember to Zoom in for coffee hour at 11a.m. If you didn’t receive an email invitation contact Pastor Peter at pastor@greenfieldchurch.com.

Thanks also to Nancy and Mary for organizing the JOY Group Garden Tour. Well done!

  * Finance Update-

We reviewed both the Stewardship and Our Home / Our Future campaigns for the first six months of 2020 to get a sense of how we are doing by comparing amount given to amount pledged. 


  • Gave more than pledged: 23 or 25% 
  • Gave equal to pledged: 18 or 19%
  • Gave less than pledged: 52 or 56%

Our Home / Our Future:

  • Gave more than pledged: 27 or 26%
  • Gave equal to pledged: 21 or 21%
  • Gave less than pledged: 54 or 53%

If you would like your second quarter statement please send an email to finance@greenfieldchurch.com or leave a message at 248-544-1800 x223.

  * In Person Worship Survey—Your Thoughtful Response Needed

As you know the Music and Worship Committee (M & W) has been taking on the significant steps towards “live streaming” worship services by the end of summer. These services will also be recorded. Part of the process includes preparations for how a limited number of worshippers could be present in the sanctuary. We are including a list of preparations M & W is already considering. We are also including a survey for you to complete as to whether or not you would feel comfortable to attend in person. There are not “right” or “wrong” responses. We just want to get a reading on how people thinking. Please respond by Sunday, August 9.

  Considerations for In-Person Worship Services

¨ To properly social distance, the sanctuary will only hold about 30 people.

¨ We do not believe it will be feasible to broadcast the service to either the multipurpose room or fellowship hall. This is because there is inevitably a delay in the signal, and the sound carries into the sanctuary from both locations.

¨ If we have more than 1 service, how much cleaning would be needed between services?

¨ We may need to take out pew cushions, hymnbooks and paper inserts.

¨ We may need to specify where people can/cannot sit.

¨ We may need to disinfect all pews, door handles, etc.

¨ We may need to set up removable acrylic shields in front of the pulpit and lectern.

¨ We should set up hand sanitizing stations.

¨ We should provide masks. We will need to have a protocol for handling people who will not wear a mask.

¨ We may place offering plates on the screen board table and at the pulpit door (supervised by an usher).

¨ There will likely not be in person Communion.

¨ There will likely not be passing of peace.

¨ There will likely not be hugging or handshaking.

¨ There will likely not be bulletins.

¨ There will likely not be choir; song leaders need to be social distanced from each other and the congregation (taking into account the additional distance singing can propel oral aerosols).

¨ There will likely not be singing of hymns.

¨ We may need to dismiss worshippers in a way that emphasizes social distancing.

¨ We will need to remove children’s entertainment bags and books.

Here is the link where you can respond to a very short survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F3DHLHS

Thank you for your help! Music and Worship

  * PRESBYTERY OF DETROIT * Update about the 224th General Assembly

The 224th General Assembly, meeting at a unique moment in history, united around the theme of Lament and Hope. Meeting for the first time in an electronic format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Assembly focused throughout on the issues of racial injustice and systemic racism laid bare in the murder of George Floyd, which has awakened our nation so dramatically to the need for social justice.

The Assembly voted overwhelmingly to affirm that Black Lives Matter, confess our complicity in the system as a denomination, and call on our nation to end structural racism.

You can read more about the resolution here: https://pres-outlook.org/2020/06/pcusa-general-assembly-affirms-that-black-lives-matter-pledges-to-work-against-systemic-racism/

A moment of great hope and joy was the election of Elona Street-Stewart, executive of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, and the Rev. Gregory Bentley, pastor of Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, Alabama, as co-moderators. Street-Stewart and Bentley brought thoughtful and Spirit-led leadership to the Assembly even as they challenged the church to live out its commitment to Christ in the world. To learn more about the co-moderators: 

The Presbytery of Detroit was well represented at the General Assembly by our Commissioners, Mark Phillips, Barbara Russell, Stefanie Lewis, Jasmine Smart, Julie Delezenne, and Dave Bunch, and our Young Adult Advisory Delegate Tyler Linnis. We were also well represented in nominees to denominational committees; our own Lindsey Anderson served as Chair of the Nominating Committee, and Phyllis Edwards was elected to the Presbyterian Committee on the Self Development of People, Kevin Johnson was elected to the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board, Sarang Kang was elected to the Racial Equity Advocacy Committee, and Charon Barconey was elected to the General Assembly Nominating Committee. Harold Ellis served on the Stated Clerk Nominating Committee which nominated J. Herbert Nelson to a second term.

Also the last official act of the Assembly was 8:46 minutes of silence, the length of time that a police officer in Minneapolis knelt on the neck of George Floyd, to mark and observe his death and the systemic injustice and racism it reflected.

What happened during the 224th General Assembly? Click here: https://ga-pcusa.org/
We look forward to sharing more reflections and insights from the General Assembly as we seek to live out the commitments the Assembly has made in the days and months ahead. Please visit our web site http://www.detroitpresbytery.org/2020-general-assembly-actions.html

JOY Virtual Garden Tour Virtually Wonderful!

Thank you so much to the talented green- thumbers at GPC who shared their garden victories (and defeats!) with us on our Virtual Garden Tour.  We had beautiful photos and videos from the homes of Adams/ Senical, Ahern/Horn, Basierbe, Bourgeois, Fanelli, Fritsch, Gebauer/LaBelle, Koski, McGuire-Moore, Quinn, Roberts, Robertson, Swetman, Tackett/Case, and Youngerman.  It was artfully put together into a unique video by Barney Bourgeois-thank you so much Barney, for the creative and inspiring stroll through the gardens!  It really is quite special!

If you were interested in viewing the tour but were not able to zoom with us, you are in luck!  Barney has put the video tour on YouTube as an unlisted video-you can access it only through this link (you will not be able to search and find it otherwise.  https://youtu.be/cjZ4OtYK2_Y

If you enjoyed the background music (by Nancy’s sister, Phyllis Bengry) and would like to hear more, here is a link to YouTube videos of some of her instrumental meditation music. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaQYi9xHc98Gjy7H_SV-wlCLTsiaK10VE

Thank you again to all who participated! Mary and Nancy

  * Greenfield hosts American Red Cross Blood Drive on Tuesday, August 4, 10a.m. – 4 p.m. 

 Our last blood drive on June 8 was so successful that we decided to schedule another drive on August 4, 10a.m. – 4 p.m.  But this drive is different, Greenfielders will have first chance to sign up for donations.  Our Red Cross Account Manager has already set up the drive but it is not open to the public until 2 weeks prior to the drive.  

All you need do is go to www.redcrossblood.org  and under the sponsor code (in a red box at the top written “Find a Blood Drive” – type Greenfieldchurch to schedule your appointment.
For a limited time only, the American Red Cross is testing blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies as an additional service to our valued donors. Results of your antibody test will be available in your Blood Donor App, or in the donor profile on RedCrossBlood.org about one week after your donation.
The nurses at the American Red Cross want to assure you that every precaution is being taken so that your blood donating experience is safe and secure. Again all donations are by sign up on-line ONLY. There are no walk-in appointments.  If you have more questions about your blood donation, visit the Red Cross website at redcrossblood.org.  Your Greenfield contact is Bonnie Swetman at bswetman@wowway.com or 812-746-9628. 



Especially in these trying times, it is important that we continue the spirit of GPC by providing outreach to our neighbors in need.  With this in mind, Greenfield will once again be helping with the Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan project, with one of our neighbors in Hazel Park.  This is a family in need – single mom, special needs son and a home that needs our TLC!
As you know, Rebuilding Together is committed to helping those that are having some challenges with maintenance and upkeep for their houses. 
This is a great opportunity to help our nearby neighbors with some fixing-up, sprucing-up and improving the accessibility & safety around their home. Last year we had over 35 Team Greenfield volunteers do a BANG-UP JOB.  

Rebuilding Together has enacted some new Covid 19 protocols for the work groups:

  1. Focus on exterior projects to avoid close contact and enable social distancing for volunteers
  2. Very limited interior house projects – with restricted number of workers in the house itself
  3. Enhanced cleaning procedures
  4. Face masks  

Greenfield’s Rebuild Day is Saturday, August 29, 8:00AM. Come and join us – even if it’s for a few hours

Register online at: https://bit.ly/GreenfieldPres.  Hit the “SIGN UP” button to complete the application.

Remember, everyone is welcome to participate – children (over 12) and spouses!

Questions – please send Ray Swetman a note rayswetman@gmail.com or call (cell 248-860- 3523).

 * “The Faith of a Mockingbird” Adult Ed Series

Wednesday, September 16, 23, 30 & October 6 at 10 am or 7 pm

The Faith of a Mockingbird is a four week adult series based on Harper Lee’s masterpiece “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Published in 1960, it serves as a lens through which we can understand our place in the world, and what it means to live out a hopeful faith in a broken world. 

This is part of the “Pop in Culture” series by Matt Rawle, a United Methodist pastor from Ponchatoula, LA. We have previously used his studies on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables.”

We encourage you to order your copy of “The Faith of a Mockingbird” by Matt Rawle from eBay, Amazon, or Cokesbury https://www.cokesbury.com/The-Faith-of-a-Mockingbird. The church will not be ordering books in bulk so place your order today as delivery may take a few weeks.

 If you need help ordering your book or need to have the church order it (for pick up only) please contact Judy at 248-544-1400 x221 or by email office@greenfieldchurch.com.

You will need to register for this class by emailing the office@greenfiedchurch.com. Because we may still be Zooming this class, this registration process will allow us to send you the Zoom invitation link as well as the accompanying videos from Matt Rawle.
Please be sure to refamiliarize yourself with Harper Lee’s classic story before we begin this series. 

  * Office hours: Peter and Judy are in the office on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9AM-12PM. If you wish to visit us please make an appointment and wear a facemask.
You can make an appointment with Pastor Peter at pastor@greenfieldchurch.com or call 248-544-1800 x222 or with Judy at office@greenfieldchurch.com or call 248-544-1800 x221.
We will be watching the number of Covid-19 cases and following the governor’s recommendations so this may change in the coming weeks depending on the behavior of fellow Michiganders. 

We have also returned to our regular Friday email updates.

  * Complete the 2020 Census today and make sure that your neighbors, friends and extended family members do too! Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services. It’s safe, secure, and confidential. Your information and privacy are protected.

It’s easy to do and takes less than 10 minutes online. Go to my2020census.gov.

If you don’t have your materials, you can call 800-354-7271 to get your User ID.

You also have the option of completing the questionnaire by phone at 844-330-2020.

  * Lighthouse is coordinating a distribution of 21 lb. produce boxes every Thursday through August – at St. David’s Episcopal Church just down 12 Mile Road in Southfield.  There are no income requirements, and people are invited to pick up the food boxes between 9am and 1pm. 

  Stay safe and stay loving, 

The Pastoral Nominating Committee and the Pastoral Transition Committees, all of which have been hard at work behind the scenes. (see attached) PTT April NewsletterPNC Update – April 21, 2020

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